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Love is Creation

19" x22"

Marker on Bristol Vellum Paper


   This speaks to love as it is physically, but more to its spiritual components.  The light in the upper left corner represents God, if you will, the source of all being, all potential, all that is formless and emanates into form.  The light is seen through water, representing the great ocean of the universe.  The purple fire represents the crown chakras and their merging in love and union.  The skull breaking into lines represent our minds and bodies as cages, but the flowers and flame bursting through represent the ability to connect and go beyond the physical bounds.  The flower selection is somewhat deliberate.  They represent thoughts, experiences, new and old.  There are belladonnas, a poisonous but beautiful flower, representing good intentions that can often harm.  The roses and other flowers are more beautiful and pure thoughts.  The black backdrop is the unconscious mind.  The lights in the throat represent the throat chakras, our means of expression in the world.  They are entwining and merging in union of expression.  They turn into a single heart, once again stressing the unity in the act of love or literally creating a new heart beat in creating new life.  The colors behind the heart represent activation of all chakras as well as the rhythm of a heart beat.  It is all born in the womb of the universe, hence the stars.  This then turns into two entwining snakes, building off the philosophy of kundalini yoga.  According to this, a coiled snake lays dormant at the base of the spine and when enlightenment or full chakra awakening is experienced, the snake uncoils all through the spine to allow the universal energy to flow through the human frame unblocked and unchecked, producing powerful mystical and transcendent experiences.  In addition, coiled snakes are often seen in visions and are the basic shape of our dna, hence the dna forming.  This suggests the potential to create new life or simply new connections and memories being made.  It also represents the conversion from mind/spirit to matter, which is inherent in love.