From Mind to Matter

19" x 22"

Marker on Bristol Vellum paper

This image captures the transfer of inspiration and thought into physical manifestation.  Thought and inspiration come from a spaceless, wordless realm, and so are shaped and captured from their expansive, infinite existence into thought and eventually symbols.

Here we have the artists right arm blossoming into a flower.  The muscles and veins absorb the light of the universe to create the inspiration for the image the artists will produce.

Here we have the mechanical side of creation.  The body functions first as a receptacle for energy and inspiration and then uses its solid frame to navigate and weave the matter to create.  Also  Notice the background progression of the dimensionless gaining dimension.  A dot, to a line, to a square, to a cube, to a cubed cube.  

The image is formed by the light absorbed and begins to take shape from the light absorbed by the mind.  It exists only as a spaceless possibility.

Here it enters matter, gains shape and mass, but demons grasp for its essence.  The demons represent all the material pleasures and other distractions that prevent the pure transfer of nonmaterial to material.  The image is now an inverse of when it was thought, a reflection of the thought.