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19" x 24"

Marker on Bristol Vellum paper


  This is the middle piece of a  vertical triptych. This particular work is about the intersection of spirit and matter; it is where symbolism more powerfully develops, and a quest for identity begins.

   In the entirety of the triptych, this is where the base of the spine for the sitting person is located.  A coiled snake, referencing kundalini energy, crushes an apple to it's core, flowering out.  The apple is symbolic of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.  In this piece we become aware of our nature beyond simple material reaction.  The snake tightening its coils before it springs furthers this blossoming of knowledge.  Held by the tip of its tail is the seed, representing the seed from the bottom piece of the triptych; this seed is growing into the apple, suggesting how minuscule the material realm is compared to the possibilities that blossom when it meets mind.

This section of the piece was the inspiration for the entire 6' x 19" work.  A human holding a mirror with the simple question "Have you seen me?"  This is a play off the advertisements for missing persons.  It is a feeling I have had most of my life, who am I, have you or I seen who I actually am?  The entire piece plays with the complexities of this question, but one thing is undeniable, we are more than the light we see reflected  in the mirror.