My vision is to connect the world in creative harmony and elevation.  Using my being to color the blank pages before me, I filter and pour the universe through the pinprick of my mind.  The images, they inspire questioning, they create a ripple in the mindscape, they invite one to be present in the moment.  The intricacy and bright colors of my work are designed to pull the readers attention, to overwhelm the visual senses to total presence.  There are so many connection, so much more to see, such a colorful world, when we open our eyes and minds. 

            I am an artist, and I am honored to create an image, that creates a space, to create a moment to be deeper and in union with the world outside and within.  To manifest my soul in such a way... I am so grateful.

            I am currently 25 years young and pursuing a career that can be built on my creative nature and artistic talents.  I have  wide knowledge base that I enjoy entwining into my art.  My pieces draw symbols from a variety of traditions and philosophies, their are various psychological concepts and neural structures created or referenced in my work.  The bright colors and high contrast further add an element of exaggeration, to suggest a richer level of reality.  An initial impression of the work provides a brightly lit door.  Walking into the door one is mesmerized by the detail and taken on a journey through the intricacies of a full artistic experience .


Contact Information:

cell phone: (301) 789-5059