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The Spark

19" x 24"

Marker on Bristol Vellum Paper


This piece illustrates the very highest level of a peak spiritual experience where the ego has completely evaporated.  Some of the more developed symbolic elements in this work include an interpretation of the tree of life in the lower right corner, each Sephiroth represented in a sphere;  within the skull in the center of the piece is a serpent lit with seven different colored spots, biting the pineal glad, referring to kundalini yoga, and its chakra systems.  The ohm is on the mouth and parts of lips representing the sacred, fundamental sound.  There are wheels with 8 spokes behind the face representing the wheels of life.  

  The piece is filled with details and intricacies that, in the unlimited mind, could be held and comprehended simultaneously.  As we see, it is hoped the different images, colors, and arrangement will speak to that deepest essence in each of us that is beyond knowing

This section of the pieces embraces the fragility of reality as perceived by the senses, particularly in the phenomenon of synesthesia.  The sense become confused and overlapped, a common occurrence in the process of peak spiritual experiences.  There are exaggerated colors and all different sensual organs blending together to form a hand.  The hand is feeling the light that is truth and filtering it into the senses, to our neurons, and eventually in a blended, varied perception of a loosening, illusory reality.

This part of the piece has many important symbolic features.  The lips have the letter for the sacred sound "Ohm".  This sound is believed to resonate/ be the source of creation.  The lips vibrate with its power in sound waves and influence and create the lower parts of this piece; the sound and frequency create matter.  A little higher is a representation of the reptilian/instinctual brain, the ball covered in scales in the head, and the corpus collosum is fully energized in bright blue light.  Both hemispheres in the brain are in union in this experience.  We also see a snake with the 7 colors of the chakras biting what is the pineal gland.  It is believed that the pineal gland serves as the seat of the soul, as a window into non ordinary states of being.  When the snake energy coiled at the base of the spine unwinds and bites this organ, an expanded perception is accessed.

This is perception through the third eye.  Infinite grand revelations fill the eyes, nose, and all other senses simultaneously.  There is an overwhelming bombardment of perceptions and an experience of being in full communion and understanding of the universe in its entirety.  Inhaling the chemicals released from the kundalini serpent biting the pineal gland, this state is achieved.

This part of the piece speaks to an interpretation of the tree of life from Dion Fortune's "The Mystical Qabalah".  The Sephiroth are all represented here on their various pillars. The transition from Malkuth, or manifestation in matter, is traced up the levels to the infinite, Kether, represented by the lily, also symbolizing enlightenment.  There are petals inversely lit representing the veils of unknowing.  The level of meaning and symbolism in this particular part of the piece is so high and in depth it cannot be written easily here.  Absolutely everything here stands for something greater than what it is.  Meditate on this section particularly to watch how consciousness may travel various levels of existence into the complete unkown.