My vision for my life is to embrace my artistic abilities and let them open peoples' eyes to the color, complexity, beautiful intricacy, and depth of the world in and around them.  May my art reveal their own greatness; may my art, my soul, bring people together; to create love, hope, and joy in all those who see me and what I create. 

    What I plan to build is an artist's sanctuary.  It will be a center set up like a gallery to highlight, inspire, and nurture the creative essence of humanity and the soul.  Each room will be aimed to subconsciously prime or enroll the viewer into deeper communion with the art displayed through the use of specific color palettes on the walls, lighting, music, scents, tastes (teas and snacks), sensation( textures on the floor, temperature of the room, and the rooms dimensions.  The center would also be a host to workshops, trainings, and the like that embraced creativity, health, and spiritual growth.  I will create  a space, literally and metaphorically, for people to come and rediscover their soul and connection to the universe.

   This is my dream.  I am committed to creating a creative sanctuary.

   I am committed to returning to school to get my Masters in Art Therapy with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology to put me in the best position to create this from a grounded and aware space.  

  To accomplish this dream I am asking for support.  Each piece of art you purchase, print or original, will go towards this path.  I am also open and grateful to receive donations to support my quest to own and hone my talents in a way that fulfills me and serves the world.